At Quatrone Realty we’ve based our business on being market proficient while being client and customer-friendly. We take your business very seriously and have the results to prove it. Yet we are committed to making this serious business seem easy and we will do our best to make it a great experience for you.

Because of our long experience in the downtown Manhattan real estate market we can probably tell you where you would be most happy by meeting with you for five minutes.

Many customers already know exactly where they would be happy and we are masters at getting them exactly what they want precisely where they want it. We will show you as many places as you need to see to feel comfortable with your decision.

We have every available listing in the Manhattan market and much of what is available in the neighboring boroughs.

While we are experts at selling your downtown condo, co-op or brownstone, we can also find you that special penthouse with a view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights or these days, from Long Island City.